Illumicrate unboxing. Feb 19 Box. Gods and Monsters.

This was my first ever order of an Illumicrate box and I loved it. Amazing book choice with a super gorgeous cover and the other items were great too.

I adore the Daughter of Smoke and Bone bookmarks by lesyablackbird they’re little works of art.

The bookmark tin is indeed being used to store my lovely new bookmarks in until I decide what to do with them although it could just as easily be used as a pencil tin.

The pouch is a fab size. The quote is spot on. I’m currently using it as a make up pouch and it’s just right for my tiny make up collection (including my new Lip Scrub with tastes great) but there are so many things it could be used for.

I’m a sucker for a notebook and this one has a pretty cover. It’s slim enough to slip in my laptop case and live there for when I need it.

I’m going to have great fun learning how to use my chopsticks. They have a lovely weight to them and I’m looking forward to trying them out.

I don’t use umbrellas much but the Strange the Dreamer design is beautiful. It’s already made the trip to my car so it’s there if I need it.

And the most important bit – the book. The Orphanage of Gods by Helena Coggan. So so gorgeous, with bright blue sprayed edges and wonderful cover art. It was also on my TBR list, so for me it was a great choice of book. Looking forward to getting stuck in.

I’m really impressed with the box. I can’t afford the monthly subscription that Illumicrate have moved to but I’ll definitely be purchasing again in the future.

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