Authors I wish I loved…. but don’t.

Does anyone else have these? Authors who’s books you’ll pick up now and again hoping that maybe this time things will click and you’ll have a whole new series of books to enjoy?

I’ve got a couple that spring to mind, authors who’s books I’d love to love but I just …. don’t.

First is the late great Sir Terry Pratchett. I know, I know. I love Fantasy, it’s my favourite genre and I can’t finish a book by one of its greatest writers.

I don’t know what it is, I love the sound of Pratchett’s books, the ideas, the humour. But every time I try and read one it’s like my brain turns off and I just can’t get into it.

I do however adore Good Omens – Pratchett’s marvellous collaboration with the brilliant Neil Gaiman.

Next time I try jumping into Discworld which book would you recommend I try?

Jumping genres now my next ‘wish I loved’ author is Elizabeth George. When the Inspector Lynley Mystery’s were televised a number of years ago (I don’t want to count it makes me feel old!) I found them unmissable TV. The stories were well crafted, the characters fascinating. I especially loved the prickly DS Havers.

I was delighted to discover they were based on a series of books but whenever I try I just can’t get more than a couple of chapters in.

Do you have any ‘wish I loved them’ authors?

6 thoughts on “Authors I wish I loved…. but don’t.

  1. Oh Pratchett. Whatever you do don’t START with the Rindwind books, they are the most ‘classic’ fantasy in that they are pastiche of that fantasy and Pratchett gets SO much better than that.
    I started with the classic recommendation Mort then Small Gods (like a Discworld & British version of Kevin Smith’s Dogma) then spread into the Watch, Death and Witches books. I’ve read the Rincewind books but I’m still not a fan even though I love Pratchett.
    But I would suggest start with the Tiffany Aching books if you want a light entry into Discworld. That way you’ll get to know Granny Weatherwax and some of the eccentricities of Discworld and it will be much easier by the time you choose your path- guards/witches/death books!!

  2. I have had so many fellow sci-fi lovers look at me as though I’ve lost all credibility when I say I despise Frank Herbert’s writing. I normally love sci-fi, and I really tried–I did! Even read the entire Dune trilogy, but felt pained the whole way through. Even some classics just aren’t for everyone!

  3. I agree, not all books are for everyone – even the big hitters. I don’t think I could have ploughed through something the size of Dune if I’d hated it – hats off to you!

  4. The timing on me reading this post is that I’ve been thinking about reading A Colour Of Magic again. I liked Hogfather which I read last year but I read A Colour Of Magic years ago and didn’t get it. I did like Equal Rites. I also have Good Omens to read very soon before I get Amazon Prime and watch the series.
    So I’m wondering whether to give Terry Prachett another chance. I do feel like I need notes or commentary when I read his books but I respect how awesome his imagination is, and I mean awe-inspring awesome not just ‘cool’ awesome.

  5. That’s a good summary of how I feel! I love Good Omens though, the addition of Neil Gaiman’s writing just does something awesome. I wish they’d done more together, can’t wait to see how the TV show looks.

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