Physical book or Kindle?

This is one of those questions that everyone has their own view on. Working in a library people often expect me to come down firmly on the side of physical books.

The truth is I love both.

I love physical books. The covers, the pages, the way they age as you read them over and over. Cracking open a new book (yes I crack my book spines too), flipping back and forth through the pages.

I also love my kindle. It’s one of my favourite things that I own and one of very few things I guard and won’t let my children use. It’s mine, my gateway to the many books it holds. It’s light and easy to hold, I can slip it in my bag easily, I can read it in bed without it being awkward to hold (and without disturbing my husband if I’m awake reading after he’s fallen asleep thanks to its wonderful frontlight). It has loads of books on it and I can add more cheaply and without taking up more house space.

I probably use physical/kindle books in a roughly 50/50 ratio but it’s not deliberately balanced. Often I’ll read 2 or 3 of one format in a row if that’s how my reading mood takes me.

Do you have a preference or are you like me and love both?

20 thoughts on “Physical book or Kindle?

  1. I really don’t enjoy reading on a kindle – I can tolerate it, if I have to but for me a physical book is much more enjoyable. I look at a screen for my job so it does my eyes good to have a break!

  2. I think they’re both important – I love a physical book, but as someone who reads quickly, particularly on holiday, being able to take a lot of books with me without actually taking a lot of books with me is a real boon.

  3. I’m definitely a physical book person, it’s part of the sensory experience for me.
    I used to read in the kindle app- the dystopian YA years!! but possibly due to sleep deprivation (toddler) plus I have terrible eyesight and so I find reading novels etc on a reader gives me headaches in comparison to reading blogs/social media etc and not at all with physical books. I’ve twiddled the settings had eye tests but it no longer is working for me.

  4. Surprisingly enough, I switch back and forth and that switching can help me finish a book faster lol! For some reason, reading on my Kindle is just easier than a physical book and vice versa. It’s weird lol. I’m wanting to get more on my Kindle since they can be cheaper and be another part of your overall library 🙂

  5. Given the option, I go for hard copy first… but I’m learning to read ebooks! I have a hard time focusing on reading on a screen, but the kindle app on my iPad turned landscape works for me. 🤷‍♀️I’m glad you love both! 😁 Best of both worlds.

  6. I work in a bookstore, but I also am about 50/50 when it comes to physical vs. kindle books. I’ve had a kindle account for almost a decade at this point. Like you said, it is just so convenient, and it’s inexpensive. I’ve moved around a lot, so I haven’t been able to keep many physical books either, so it’s nice that my kindle has a mini-library that I’ve kept through the years.

  7. It’s a kindle (or an old Nook I have) all the way. I just don’t get along with physical books at all any more. The one thing about e-books that I don’t like is the fact I can’t pass them on when I’ve read them. I don’t think I’ve ever re-read a book in my life, I personally just don’t see the point and so it’s such a shame to have a large collection of books that I can’t share with anyone else. I suppose I could lend out an old tablet with them all on.

  8. I enjoyed reading your thoughts. I cannot say I have a preference because I never even gave a remote possibility of a Kindle ever entering my life. It will never be for me because I love paper books too much (unfortunately or not, I am not sure). Even the word “Kindle” is a foreign enough word for me. You can say I am one of the most devoted fans of physical books.

  9. Paper books are great if you’re happy with them then you don’t have to use e-books!

    I like the freedom of chopping and changing but can understand why someone might not.

  10. Now I think about it maybe the reason is that I do not have many books on my TBR, not thousands like some people do, and I prefer quality over quantity and I like re-reading books too. You are right, it depends on a reader, personality, goals, etc.

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