Why I love Fantasy Books

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 Dragon – by  kasana86

This month I’m taking part in Wyrd and Wonder a month dedicated to all things fantasy. I’m delighted to be a small part of this wonderful celebration, do check out other Wyrd and Wonder bloggers as well.

I adore Fantasy books, although I read fairly widely across genres Fantasy is my first love and I always find myself coming back to it. My introduction to epic fantasy came through my Dads collection of David Eddings paperbacks and I’ve loved it ever since.

So what is it about fantasy books that I love so much? I love how they can be anywhere and about anything. Show me another genre that can be part crime, part romance, possibly lgbt and still uniquely its own genre set in fantsatical worlds. It really is reading escapism at its finest.

Of all the fantasy sub-genres I think Epic is still my favourite, I’ll happily read fantasy in all it’s forms though. Here’s some of the reasons why I love it so much


Every good epic fantasy has a quest of some kind. whether its to find a magical object, a person or reach a place, a quest is a must. I love how this lets you ‘see’ the world built up by the author rather than just being told about it.


A mainstay of epic fantasy – the named sword. these are often, but not always, magical objects themselves. Bonus points for a flaming sword.

Coming of age

I know ‘farm boy made good’ is seen as a fantasy cliche these days but its still a trope I love. Not all coming of age fantasy have to have hidden birthright but a lot do.


There are so many different magical systems out there and I love them all. from Potter style ‘spell and wand’ to Everless style blood magic.

Talking Animals

I’m a huge sucker for this fantasy trope, largely because I wish that this was something that actually existed! Whether everyone can hear them or just a select few, I love talking animals of the ‘real’ or mythical kind.


Not all fantasy books have these but who doesn’t love a good (or bad) dragon?

Non human characters

Vampires, werewolves, demons are definitely more common now in Fantasy than they used to be but they can be great fun to read about.

Obviously a lot of these books fall in more than one of my categories, Fantasy is a wonderful genre to read with so much diversity, I’m never bored of reading it. Do you read Fantasy books? Which ones are your favourites?

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10 thoughts on “Why I love Fantasy Books

  1. Dragons are everything. For me fantasy books are great because I can really emerge myself in them. Plus I love the world building.

  2. Fantasy books are my favourite!!!! For all the reasons that you mentioned. 🥰💕📖

  3. Hallo, Hallo Charlotte!

    Swinging through the feeds for #WyrdAndWonder, today! 🙂 I’m one of your co-hosts and I am wicked thrilled to see what motivates you into Fantasy! I am a bit particular about the dragon books I like to be reading – sometimes I find authors take them too ‘dark’ for me – especially if the dragons are mercenery or just outright cruel-hearted – that’s not the kind of #dragonfiction I grew up on and not the kind I prefer as an adult. I haven’t had the chance to dig into my dragon and gryphon reading challenge – that’s something I’ve slated for #WyrdAndWonder Year 3 — this year, is a year of redeeming the chance to read the stories I couldn’t last year and finding new voices in Indie Fantasy narratives for Year 2!

    I do of course love Fantasy when it involves a Quest or has innate magic inside the world I am visiting – those concepts are familiar and agreeable because I love the journey they evoke whenever I am reading those kinds of stories. I believe a few of my choices this year will involve both to a certain degree which is brill.

    I have PRIORY right now from my local library – I’m hoping by the conclusoin of the month, I’ll have finished reading it alongside the Night’s Edge series by Czerneda. Those are the 3x main stories of a certain length I want to finish whilst taking my time to read them – for PRIORY I’m reading it each week and for Night’s Edge, I want to finish the first book w/in a fortnight to give myself time to read the sequel 🙂

    I haven’t had the chance to dig into the talking animals yet – Redwall would be one I’d like to start with in that regard however, if dragons count, than my favourite is #LelandDragons! 🙂 With regards to Magic – I only read the first Potter book before the films and just re-lived my childhood wonderment with Magic through the film series vs the books before the films. It was a great experience and a firm marker of joy w/in my twenties! 🙂

    The genre of interest which surprised me most is my affinity for Urban Fantasy! Of all the subgenres of focus this was one I wasn’t expecting to *love!* as much as I honestly do!! Isn’t that a kick?

    Glad to have you this #WyrdAndWonder and happy book blogging! I saw your just starting out and find that fantastic in its own way! Rock on and enjoy the month!!

  4. Hey 🙂 Nice to ‘meet’ you.

    Dragon reading challenge sounds awesome! I don’t mind a dark dragon story but friendly dragon ones are definitely a lot of fun. The Temeraire series is great for that.

    I think dragons definitely count as talking animals! Just because they’re mythical I don’t see why they should be excluded 🙂

    Loved Priory, it was proper epic fantasy with a lot of my fantasy high points in. Was the only thing I read that month though!

    Not tried Nights Edge series but it’s added to my list.

    Urban fantasy has definitely come a long way from its early ‘romance with vampires’ early days. There is some great Urban writing out there now. Kelley Armstrong is one of my favourites with her Women of the Otherworld series.

  5. Lovely post! I agree that fantasy is perfect escapism 😀 And I love a good quest and coming of age story. And of course magic!! And talking animals and non human characters are so fun!!

  6. Wouldn’t it be!? I might have to sort out a way to have a RAL or two next year for those who want to take the expedition with me into #dragonfiction. Ooh bless your heart for keeping dragons inclusive as talking animals! 🙂

    I’m still in the throes of PRIORY — I was able to post my #25PagePreview of it alongside two other selections however, I need to get my tail into gear and actually make better headway into it as with our last fortnight on fast approach I am not wanting to run out of the hours to finish it!

    So thankful I could encourage you into Night’s Edge – this is also the series I desire to finish this month and being migraine-free again I believe I might be able to accomplish that! 🙂

    I’m so thankful Urban Fantasy isn’t limited to vampires now — I mean, I liked Buffy and Angel in the first 3x years but outside of that it wasn’t something that would anchour me to Urban Fantasy overall. I’ll have to check out the author you’ve referenced… maybe she can be another UF writer I’ll enjoy reading?!

  7. Dragon RAL sounds great. I don’t often do many as I squeeze reading time in where I can do don’t like a set schedule. Might make an exception for a dragon one though!

    I found the first bit of Priory felt like I didn’t make much headway, then suddenly I was halfway through and it didn’t seem as big anymore.

    Glad you’re migraine free at the moment.

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