Why we should love our libraries or 10 great things libraries do

I’m a little biased here as I work in one but I firmly believe that if we want to keep our libraries we need to use them. We know lots of people love the idea of libraries but the reality is that footfall is decreasing and with budget cuts libraries will struggle to survive. If you want to save your library for the future then please do pay them a visit.

With that in mind here’s a list in no particular order of 10 great things that libraries provide

Free Books

Safe Space

Children’s Rhyme and Story time sessions

Computer access

Social inclusion through clubs such as Knit and Natter groups

Children’s craft events

Audiobooks and e-books

Book recommendations

Friendly staff


Oh, and did I mention the free books?!

Libraries are no longer serious, dusty places where you have to be quiet, instead they are vibrant and welcoming. You don’t have to be a great reader to use them, you will find no judgement in a library. Pick any genre, any type of book and there will be someone who can point out a load of others you might enjoy. Don’t love reading yourself but your kids do? Brilliant don’t be afraid to pop in and browse with them.

Libraries welcome everyone and everyone is welcome. So please don’t let your library die. Give it some love and we might just be able to save them for our children and grandchildren to use.

12 thoughts on “Why we should love our libraries or 10 great things libraries do

  1. Totally agree!
    I think there are various reasons why fewer people are visiting libraries. They are really the only public place where everyone is welcome and which is free and indoors.

  2. Absolutely, there are lots of good reasons we are all much busier and the internet has changed how we get a lot of our information. Libraries still have so much to offer though especially around early literacy.

  3. I have to put my hands up to being guilty of never going in my library any more. I used to visit at least once a week but over the years, like you say with such easy access to the internet and instant books via downloads of e books I never go any more. My mum would be lost without the library, she gets all her books from there.

  4. It’s so easy now not to go isn’t it. Even things like using your libraries e-book service (if it provides one) will help though. That way you can support them but don’t have to find the time for an actual visit.

    I have to admit I’m not sure if I’d find much time for a visit if I didn’t work in one either. I like to think I would but I can’t hand on heart say I would.

  5. I do occasionally use the e-book lending library but joined Netgalley last September. Hoping to get back to some bought and possibly library books soon

  6. I used to love my library and go there a lot when I was still living in the Netherlands! Sadly, the library in my town in Argentina doesn’t really have a great selection and almost no English titles… And since I almost exclusively stick to English titles, I can’t really use the library service now.

  7. That’s a shame. I think as a whole libraries aren’t great at foreign language titles because there’s not a huge demand for them and budgets are increasingly tight.

  8. Libraries really have changed! It’s pretty crazy! My biggest thing is that people get upset that they’re not as quiet as they used to be, and I have to tell them that libraries are more of a community hub now – not just a place to sit and read.

  9. Yeah, I think that’s true… There are not all that many people willing to read in English here other than students maybe (the disadvantage of living in a small town as well I guess). One of the reasons I’ve learned to love my kindle and I’m happy Book Depository has free shipping. 😉

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