My favourite reading places

We all have our favourite places to sit and read, I thought I’d share mine.

Most of my reading tends to get done in my lunch break at work, so while I appreciate my work staff room it isn’t my favourite place to read.

I enjoy reading in bed before I go to sleep, this tends to be on my phone using my kindle app as I’m tired and the phone is easier to hold.

Now the nice weather has arrived I do enjoy reading outside. There’s something lovely about sitting out in the sun and fresh air with a book.

My favourite reading place by far though is curled up on my sofa, cup of tea to hand and a cat on my lap.

Where do you like to read?

8 thoughts on “My favourite reading places

  1. I can’t get to sleep any more unless I read a book first. Not ideal though as I tend to soon start to nod off no matter how good the book is. Otherwise same as you, sat on the sofa as long as there’s no TV on.

  2. I really enjoy reading in bed as well. I do prefer holding a real book though. On holiday I used to read so many books on the beach too. Xx

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