Books I have loved sharing with my children

I love sitting and reading with my kids (I have two aged 3 and 7). Seeing them react to a story, even one we’ve read a thousand times before is so lovely. We have read many, many brilliant books together over the years and I love discovering all the fantastic children’s books out there, but sharing a book that I’ve remembered and loved from my own childhood is amazing. Here are some of those books.

The Old Bear series of books by Jane Hissey are just delightful. Packed with brilliant illiustrations alongside a lovely gentle story. Old Bear tells the tale of how the other toys rescue Old Bear from the loft where he had been placed for safekeeping when the children were little. I have a particular fondness for the story of Little Bear’s Trouser’s though.

One of those stories that inexplicably stuck with me over the years, I adore Sophie. Her utter determination to become a farmer and her disdain for her neighbour Dawn who hates getting mucky. Perhaps a little dated now (I had to explain who Princess Diana was at one point) these are still a great read.

Who doesn’t love Meg and Mog? Such wonderful vibrant books that never fail to make my kids laugh.

An absolute classic children’s book. Charlie and the chocolate factory was so popular with my oldest we had to read it twice in a row!

Some of our most read picture books, Judith Kerr’s Mog stories are a firm favourite in our house. My personal favourite is Mog and Bunny.

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