My Goodreads Reading Challenge…is complete!

I’m honestly amazed. When I set 25 books I thought it would be a struggle, I hadn’t quite made that number in 2018 and wanted to give myself a realistic but challenging target.

Instead it’s halfway through the year and I’ve beaten my target already! Blogging has definitely helped me reconnect with my love of books again and I’ve found so great books to read through other bloggers as well.

Having thought about it, I’ve decided not to set myself a larger target for this year but to just keep going as I have been and see where I get to by the end of the year. Next years target might be bigger than I expected!

13 thoughts on “My Goodreads Reading Challenge…is complete!

  1. Well done! I’m looking at your books: jenny colgan. the familiars and the binding are books I was tempted to read but I need to widdle down my tbr. Wild Magic looks intriguing

  2. Weirdly those are probably some of my least favourites so far. The familiars and The Binding weren’t bad just not quite what I was expecting. The Jenny Colgan I found disappointing compared to some of her others.

    Wild Magic is well worth a read, fairly short so a good quick read but a great story.

  3. I’ve only really loved Jenny Colgan’s Little Beach Street series. I read The Bookshop one was ok but not as good as those. Sometimes books don’t live up to the hype, sadly.

  4. I loved Rosie Hopkins Sweetshop as well. It is a shame when books don’t live up to expectation though.

    Beth O’Leary’s The Flatshare was amazing though if you fancy a feel good read.

  5. Congratulations! I see lots of goodies on here. I totally get what you mean with blogging reconnecting you. Since really immersing myself in the book community this year I’ve read so much more than I thought I could do in 6 months (let alone one year)! Exciting times ahead 😃

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