Book haul

It was my birthday last week and I was lucky enough to get some awesome books!

Illustrated edition of Good Omens is just gorgeous, I spent ages flipping through it. It now a place on my ‘favourites’ book shelf.

Becoming has been on my TBR for ages but the library has a wait list that’s still months long so my lovely MIL got me a copy.

Really looking forward to How the Dead Speak as well. It’s definitely moved to the next to be read in my pile. I can’t wait to read the next bit of Tony and Carols story.

I also got a Game of Thrones quiz book (some surprisingly tough questions!) a needle felting book and a colouring book. Some of he needle felting is really cute so I’ll be giving those a try soon as well.

5 thoughts on “Book haul

  1. Hello! Those are a good selection of books! Becoming by Michelle Obama is good. Glad to have found this essay of book hauls, because I also blogged my September book loot from an online shop of book sale from Book Duke: I’d appreciate it if we continue talking about our books and TBR lists, and if you follow me because I’m just new here in WordPress. Thanks!

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