Classics – yes or no?

As a book lover and a library worker I sometimes feel that I should have read far more classics than I have. Almost like it’s expected that I will have done.

The truth is, I’m not actually a huge fan of them. I’ve tried a lot of the well known classic authors over the years, Austin, Bronte’s (all of them), Thackeray, Steinbeck, Greene, Dickens.

I enjoyed very few of them. I adored Jane Eyre and have a lovely edition that sits happily on my bookshelf. Wuthering Heights was another that I genuinely liked (bit of a Bronte theme, even they are by different sisters)

However no matter how hard I’ve tried I cannot get on with Austin, her style just doesn’t work for me. I found Brighton Rock by Graham Greene to be hard going as well, although a more ‘modern’ classic than Austin I had trouble with the style there as well.

Dicken’s I’ve found to be hit and miss for me, A Christmas Carol is wonderful in whatever form it takes and the original book is no exception. Some of his longer works however I’ve not enjoyed as much.

While I’l probably try some more classics in the future for now I’l be sticking to books I’ve chosen because I want to, not because I feel like I should.

Do you enjoy classic novels? Which are your favourites?

6 thoughts on “Classics – yes or no?

  1. I don’t usually either, when there are so many great books being published it’s easy to overlook them. Plus I know now that my aren’t my favourites to read usually

  2. I have an on/off relationship with classics although most of the time I admit that it’s off 😂 I have quite a few on my shelves that I know I want to read, but the pull to read contemporaries is much stronger. I feel like I really need to be in the right mood for them! Austen is the only author who I’ve loved consistently though and I count Pride and Prejudice and Persuasion as some of my favourite ‘comfort’ reads haha

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