Illumicrate Unboxing – November 2019 – In Search Of Doors

Last month I treated myself to an Illumicrate box, the theme was ‘In Search of Doors’ and unusually Illumicrate reavealed the book for it – this box contained The Starless Sea. It was a great box to get, such lovely things included. Spoilers below for those of you who would rather not know although I think everyone should have theirs by now.

In this lovely bright yellow box were all sorts of bookish goodies.

A fabulous Night Circus keyring, my photo really doesn’t go it justice, its beautiful, chunky and really weighty.

A key necklace with a quote from ‘The Archived’ by Victoria Schwab. This isn’t actually a book I’d heard of but I looked it up off the back of this and it has now been added to my ever growing TBR pile.

This cute little woodcut Narnia pin

A Hogwarts book-sleeve that actually had The Starless Sea tucked safely inside it. I’ve never had a book-sleeve before but I love this.

The Illumicrate collectable coin this month featured Lazlo Strange from Laini Taylor’s excellent Strange the Dreamer. This is the first coin I’ve had as I don’t get the boxes often. It’s pretty but I’m not really sure what to do with it (its on my radiator at the moment)

I adore this ceramic trinket pot. It has so much detail on it, I wish it was an actual book as well because I’d love to have that one on my shelves too.

And finally, the book itself. This beautiful naked hardback of The Starless Sea. The simplicity of the design is really pleasing and I look forward to diving into this book. It also came with a delicate metal key bookmark that matches the design of the key on the cover – so clever.

All in all a super book box. Did you get this one too? What did you think?

4 thoughts on “Illumicrate Unboxing – November 2019 – In Search Of Doors

  1. Everything looks gorgeously curated! I have the issue with these boxes that you did with the coin though, where I know I won’t really use most of the extras they give. So I love vicariously through unboxings. ☺️

  2. Great unboxing! I love Illumicrate though I’ve only bought it once since it’s so expensive with shipping all the way here 😅 But I absolutely loved it — I get why it’s also quite pricey because the box is HUGE and there are so many amazing items in it. This one looks great too! Did the book also come with the cover sleeve or was it just a naked hardback? Interesting if they did it like that!

  3. Thanks! I agree pricey but a big box of nice things 😀 It doesn’t have a cover sleeve it’s just a naked hardback, I like it although I’m not sure everyone did…

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