2020 Reading Goals

I started blogging in January 2019 and I love it. It’s made me feel more connected to the bookish world (despite working in a library I was feeling a little out of touch) and its boosted my reading as well.

For 2019 my Goodreads goal was 25 books which seemed like a reasonable target based on the year before, in actual fact I managed to read 44 which is amazing. I know this isn’t loads compared to some book bloggers, but between working full time, small children and general life I’m very happy with that.

For 2020 I’ve decided to set myself a small stretch on that in my Goodreads goal and challenge myself to read 50 books and see if I can make it!

Within that number I’m also going to set myself the goal of reading at least 20 books I already own or have on my Netgalley list at the start of the year.

That leaves me 30 ‘new’ ones to find from the great selection already out in the world and those being published in 2020.

What are your bookish goals for 2020?

2 thoughts on “2020 Reading Goals

  1. My goals are the same as yours give or take a couple of books. I can’t remember what goal I set at the beginning of the year as I increased it a bit further along but same as you I’ve read 44 and have decided on 52 for next year, one per week. If I stop hanging around Twitter and Facebook I might just achieve it.

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