Review: The Last Human by Zack Jordan

Sarya is the galaxy’s worst nightmare: a Human.

But most days, she doesn’t feel like the most terrifying creature in the galaxy. No, most days, she’s got other things on her mind. Like hiding her identity among the hundreds of alien species roaming the corridors of Watertower Station. Or making sure her adoptive mother doesn’t casually eviscerate one of their neighbors. Again.

And most days, she can almost accept that she’ll never know the truth about why humanity was deemed too dangerous to exist, or whether she really is – impossibly – the lone survivors of a species destroyed a millennium ago. That is, until an encounter with a bounty hunter leaves her life and her perspective shattered.

Thrown into the universe at the helm of a stolen ship, Sarya begins to uncover an impossible truth. Humanity’s death and her own existence might simply be two moves in a demented cosmic game, one that might offer the thing she wants most in the universe – a second chance for herself, and one for humanity.

A huge, all encompassing space romp, I absolutely loved The Last Human.

I don’t even know how to begin to describe the scope of this novel, it’s huge. From the amazing world building to the array of different species and characters we meet along the way.

Human, Widow, Robot, Hairy monster, artificial intelligence, multi bodied consciousness. They were all so well written you believed they really existed.

It felt like every time I turned the page the universe just got bigger and more complex. We followed Sarya from her quiet home to a galaxy spanning adventure and every step felt natural.

As someone who is mildly terrified of spiders (especially big ones) I didn’t expect to feel warm feelings towards a giant murdering one. Shenya the Widow changed that. Yes she was scary but she also loved her daughter. The Widow lore and species details that were woven through the book were also fascinating.

If you’re looking for a romping great space adventure this is definitely the book for you.

With thanks to Hodder & Stoughton for a copy in exchange for honest review.

The Last Human is published 24/03/2020

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