What makes you choose a book?

As book lovers we all know that there are so many books out there right now that sometimes the choice can seem a little overwhelming. So what is it that makes us pick up a particular book? There is no one answer of course, just like the stories we enjoy reading our selection process will vary from person to person. These are some of the things that will make me look again and pick up a book.

An eye catching cover

We all love a great cover, right? For me a good cover is one that will grab my attention while also letting me know what genre the book is and giving me an idea whether I’ll like it or not. That’s a lot to ask from a cover!

A brilliant tag line

Once the cover has grabbed my attention then a brilliant tag line can reel me in! I’ve read books purely based on tag lines before Thirteen by Steve Cavanagh is a great example ‘The serial killer isn’t on trial. He’s on the Jury’. I mean how could I have passed up that?

A good blurb

A good blurb is essential. The cover and tag line may have grabbed by attention but I like to be able to go a little further and double check if I think I’ll enjoy a book by reading the blurb. I like it to tell me a little about the story and leave me wanting to know more without giving away spoilers.


Not essential for me, but it can help. Hearing others talk about a book – even if it’s just one blog review can really help. I’ve read some great books just because I’ve seen others talk about them. I must admit this can go the other way for me as well. If a book is too hyped I tend to avoid for a bit and wait for more reviews before making a choice.


I think we all have our favourite tropes – there are two that I’m particually fond of ‘farm Boy’ (I blame 80’s Fantasy that I cut my fantasy reading teeth on) and ‘Animal Companions’ either of those and I’m going to pick a book up.


One of the big ones. The author can make a huge difference to my choice to pick up a book. If its an author I have previously read and loved I will keep an eye out for their next book. Likewise if its an author who I’ve tried and not got on with before then I’ll usually swerve their next books.


Has a smaller impact for me than some of the other things mentioned here, but over time I have found a few publishers who’s books I usually tend to enjoy. Rebellion come to mind here.

What makes you pick up a book?

3 thoughts on “What makes you choose a book?

  1. ALL of those reasons! I also really love a good bit of Hype – it’s great to see a book get a load of publicity and marketing 😀 Great idea for a blog post 😀

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