Reading Slumps

As readers I’m sure we have all experienced the dreaded reading slump at some point or another. I’m in a bit of a mini slump at the moment – hence getting the idea for this post.

My current slump is a little odd – at least I think so. To be honest its more like half-a slump. I’m still happily reading my physical books and have no problem there but I’m really struggling to choose my next e-book.

I usually have one of each on the go – a physical copy for during the day and a kindle book that I read in bed. Problem is I have just read all four books of a series back to back on my kindle and don’t want to read anything else on there yet (apart from the next in the series that doesn’t exist yet.) It’s not that I don’t have books I’m excited for waiting to be read – I just can’t decide which to start.

I don’t often find myself in a reading slump but when I do there is usually only a couple of reasons. Like now, I’ve binged one author’s work and then run out or I haven’t realised that I’m not loving the book I’m reading and it will take me a few days to realise that I have actively avoided picking the book up.

When I’m in a slump I find I play a lot more mindless games on my phone before eventually turning to Fanfiction for a few days – that’s usually the point where I fully recognise I’m in a slump – although I do read Fanfiction at other times as well.

I’m hoping that as I’m only in a half slump that this one will be short lived – my Netgalley shelf would certainly appreciate it if it was!

5 thoughts on “Reading Slumps

  1. I think we all go through reading slumps throughout the year. Could you maybe reread something that you’ve really loved? This might get your excitement back into it, or maybe make it a bit fun by putting a few titles into a hat and then pulling one out to read next?

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