Last bookshop visit before lockdown

With Lockdown 2 having started for those of us in the UK a couple of days ago, books and other forms of sanity keeping entertainment that we can have at home are more important than ever.

I was lucky enough to be able to visit my local bookshop on Monday with my children where we all chose a book each (the house is already stuffed with books but another one never hurts!)

I was delighted to find a signed copy of ‘Here is the Beehive’ by Sarah Crossan which has been on my list go buy since I heard it publishing earlier this year. I love the cover design it’s really beautiful.

For those of you wondering the kids chose Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz (excellent choice from my eldest, it’s being enjoyed already). Oi! Duck-Billed Platypus was chosen by the smaller one, another brilliant pick, such a wonderful picture book series and a joy to read!

Did you visit a bookshop before lockdown? What did you choose?

The cat also wanted to join in with the photos so here she is!

3 thoughts on “Last bookshop visit before lockdown

  1. Thanks! Stormbreaker is excellent, I remember reading them years ago. This particular copy made me feel old as it had a ‘20 years of Alex Rider’ sticker on it!

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