Book Review: Black Sun by Rebecca Roanhorse

A god will return
When the earth and sky converge
Under the black sun

In the holy city of Tova, the winter solstice is usually a time for celebration and renewal, but this year it coincides with a solar eclipse, a rare celestial event proscribed by the Sun Priest as an unbalancing of the world.

Meanwhile, a ship launches from a distant city bound for Tova and set to arrive on the solstice. The captain of the ship, Xiala, is a disgraced Teek whose song can calm the waters around her as easily as it can warp a man’s mind. Her ship carries one passenger. Described as harmless, the passenger, Serapio, is a young man, blind, scarred, and cloaked in destiny. As Xiala well knows, when a man is described as harmless, he usually ends up being a villain.

The description of this book really grabbed me but when I started reading I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect. What I got was a superbly crafted story with characters I came to care about and an excellent new epic fantasy.

The story jumps around in time a little so you do need to read the date listed at the start of each chapter to keep up but this is well done with a countdown to our main event in this book as well as the date so I never lost track.

We also skip between 3 character – Xiala a Teek woman who’s race have an affinity for the sea. Serapio who is of clan Carrion Crow and is if I had to pick our main protagonist and Narampa who has risen to the exalted position of Sun Priest from humble beginnings but thus finds herself at odd with her fellow priests.

Of our POV characters I found Narampa the hardest to connect with initially but as the threads of the story pulled together the further on we got I found her equally as fascinating and readable as Xiala and Serapio.

I loved how real the world felt with some sceptical or scared of the various magical elements introduced and some for whom it was just a fact of life. I loved the giant Corvids that clan Carrion Crow warriors rode upon (both amazing and if real, would be slightly terrifying).

This book truly was an epic fantasy – prophecies, magic, politics, self discovery and fantastical animals. The world building was phenomenal and all the threads of story were brought together extremely skilfully – I’ll definitely be keeping a watchful eye out for book two of this series.

With thanks to Rebellion Publishing for sending me a copy in exchange for honest review.

Black Sun is available now.

2 thoughts on “Book Review: Black Sun by Rebecca Roanhorse

  1. I’ve just finished this and ADORED it – so excited to write up my review. It had everything that I love in a fantasy and I love how it came together. Definitely a heart in the mouth situation for the final part. Great review!

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