Check in on my 2021 Goodreads Goal

Like a lot of us bookish people I set myself a reading goal at the start of this year. Goodreads was my platform of choice for keeping track of this as I find it pretty straightforward (although I know of people aren’t very keen on it).

I don’t take my reading goal terribly seriously to be honest, its more of a point of curiosity than feeling any real push to meet it – I will say that I do feel quite please when (and if) I do though! My reading goal has been the same for the past few years – to read 50 books. I know a lot of bloggers read more than that but with a full time job and two primary aged children that’s what feels both realistic and a bit of a challenge at the same time. Indeed the previous two years I have fallen just shy of my target.

This year though things are going relatively well so far – I’ve read 37 books so far which puts me at 74% complete or 6 books ahead of target according to the Goodreads algorithm.

I feel like I’ve managed to read more this year too, I’ve settled into a nice reading flow of having 2 books on the go at once – one physical book and one e-book and I’ve found I’m reading more because of it.

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