Series I Still Need to Finish Reading

I think all of us probably have them – the series that you read and enjoyed the first book of but have somehow never found the time to pick up the rest of. I currently have 3 such series where the next book (or several) are published but I just haven’t got round to reading them yet. I really want to continue with all of these at some point, I’ll have to move them up my list a bit…

A Good Girls Guide to Murder Trilogy by Holly Jackson

I loved A Good Girls Guide to Murder it was such a gripping story and well told. Good Girl, bad Blood has been out for a while and As Good as Dead has recently published as well. I really must get round to reading these.

Spellslinger Series by Sebastien De Castell

Spellslinger was great and this series even has a talking animal companion which is one of my all time fantasy trope favourites. I have the second book of the series sitting on my bookshelf I just need to actually get round to picking it up!

Honor Among Thieves Trilogy by Rachel Caine and Ann Aguire

This was such a great book, I loved that it felt like a mix of SciFi and Fantasy – yes there was space travel but the ship was literally a giant living Space Whale. It was a really interesting dynamic that I hadn’t read before and I definitely want to read the other two books in the trilogy.

2 thoughts on “Series I Still Need to Finish Reading

  1. I’m so glad I am not the only one still yet to finish A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder! I absolutely loved and devoured the first book and instantly went onto Amazon and bought the second with all the best of intentions! It’s been months though and now the third book is out and I still haven’t read the second! I really need to get on that! Hope you manage to make time for it soon!

  2. Ahh I really want to finish Honor Among Thieves as well – I’ve read the second book and it’s just as good, so I’m so excited to read the third. I hope you get to them soon!

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