Book Review: The Immortality Thief by Taran Hunt

Far off the edge of human existence, beside a dying star lies a nameless ship abandoned and hidden, lost for a millennium. But there are secrets there, terrible secrets that would change the fate of humanity, and eventually someone will come looking.

Refugee, criminal and linguist Sean Wren is made an offer he knows he can’t refuse: life in prison, “voluntary” military service – or salvaging data in a long-dead language from an abandoned ship filled with traps and monsters, just days before it’s destroyed in a supernova. Data connected to the Philosopher’s Stone experiments, into unlocking the secrets of immortality.

And he’s not the only one looking for the derelict ship. The Ministers, mysterious undying aliens that have ruled over humanity for centuries, want the data – as does The Republic, humanity’s last free government. And time is running out.

In the bowels of the derelict ship, surrounded by horrors and dead men, Sean slowly uncovers the truth of what happened on the ship, in its final days… and the terrible secret it’s hiding.

After reading a few crime books in a row I felt the need for some SFF and The Immortality Project caught my attention while I was eyeing up my bookshelves looking for my next read.

A gripping classic ‘monsters on an abandoned spaceship and we’re all about to die’ SFF novel, I loved this one.

The story was well crafted, the peril felt real and the characters were if not all likeable (although our main protagonist definitely was) then they were three dimensional and fully formed. I really liked Sean and grew to love his companions on his crazy journey as well. There were times when my heart was in my throat as I wondered how they would get round the next problem thrown their way.

The other thing I enjoyed immensely about this book was the chapter titles – no numbers here but a clever title for each chapter that was a mini work of art by itself. It truly added something to the overall book.

If you love a good Science Fiction novel this is definitely one you need to pick up.

With thanks to Rebellion Publishing for sending me a copy in exchange for honest review.

The Immortality Thief is available now.

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