About Me

Hi There!

Thanks for stopping by my blog, thought I’d introduce myself a little.

My Name is Charlotte and I’ve been meaning to start a book blog for years. This year I’ve used my 2019 New Years resolution to actually give me a push to get on and do it!

As you’ve probably guessed with this being a blog about books, I love reading, and books and bookish things. And I really enjoy reading a book while drinking a good cup of tea (black, no sugar) and thus the name of this blog was born.

I’ve worked in my local authority libraries for 18 years (that makes me feel old) so I’m lucky that I get to work with books and make recommendations in real life too.

I read fairly widely, although my first genre love is Fantasy and I always end up coming back to it. As the proud owner of two small people I also read a fair number of children’s books so the odd review for those might creep in as well.

Welcome and happy reading!