Review Policy

Thank you for visiting Mug Full of Books.

I am currently accepting review and ARC copies in physical and e-book (kindle) format. I don’t currently accept self published work.

Personal Note

I adore books and love reading and talking about them. However I am not a professional book blogger, I have a full time (library) job and a young family. As such I don’t have a lot of reading time and select my books carefully. If I don’t think I’m the right fit for your book I will say so.

Preferred Genres

As you can see from my posts , I read fairly widely across genres and don’t stick to one – however I prefer books in the following genres


Science Fiction 

New/Young Adult


Urban Fantasy

I would consider reviewing but won’t always accept 

Crime, Mystery and Thriller




I do not accept books in the following genres


Family Saga

Non Fiction

If you would like me to review your book please could you provide me with the following information so I can make an informed decision.

Review turn around. How soon would you need the review published or are you happy for it to be reviewed as and when.

Publication date (for ARC copies)

Book synopsis

My email address is or through the ‘Contact me’ form. 

Negative Review Policy

As you can see from my prior reviews I do sometimes write negative reviews. My blog and reviews reflect my honest opinions on books and that includes those I don’t love. However negative reviews will never be an attack and will be constructively written. 

DNF Policy

I reserve the right to DNF any books I am given to review. I’m a believer in not struggling through a book I’m not enjoying when there are so many books to read. I do sometimes review DNF books if I feel have read enough to able to give an informed opinion.

Other Information 

I am based in the UK. 

I will review on Mug Full of Books, Twitter, Goodreads

I do not use a rating system on Mug Full of Books, instead I talk about the book and what I did/didn’t enjoy. I do use the star system on Goodreads. 

Thank you for your consideration


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