Spotlight on Wraithwood by Alyssa Roat #WyrdAndWonder

An estranged uncle, a mysterious mansion, and Arthurian legend—together they lead to a world of magic and bloodthirsty wizards who want teenage Brinnie dead.

Brynna “Brinnie” Lane has always lived a quiet life under the watchful eye of her hovering mother—until she’s sent off for the summer to live with an uncle she didn’t know she had. While her parents get to travel across the globe, she’ll be spending three months in the middle of nowhere: upstate New York. It looks like she might spend the entire summer friendless with her nose in a book.

However, she soon finds that Wraithwood Estate, her uncle’s creepy old mansion, holds as many secrets as the man himself. When Brinnie is warned not to explore any of it, her curiosity only grows. As unnatural events take place and Brinnie hears whispers of a hidden war, she must unravel the truth about her family’s mysterious past if she wants to survive.

Something terrible happened at Wraithwood thirty years ago, and Brinnie is determined to find out what—even if it means confronting the possibility that magic is real.

One of the lovely things about being a book blogger is when I am contacted by lovely authors who are reaching out for help in getting news of their books out there. Alyssa sent me a lovely message about her up coming book Wraithwood which sounds amazing! Unfortunately I don’t have capacity to read and review at the moment but I was more than happy to spotlight so other can find out about it too.

I love the cover on this book, it really evocative of walking in to the overgrown grounds of a big house, and somehow feels a little bit magical as well. If the cover has grabbed your attention and you’d like to know more I’ve included a short extract from the book below.


Pitch darkness surrounded her except for the lightning that flashed occasionally outside, but that didn’t bother Brinnie. She had always had excellent night vision. She sat up and looked around. What had woken her?

Maybe it was the thunder. But the rainstorm had already begun picking up when she had gone to bed. She must have slept through a good deal of thunder already.

Wraithwood. British literature or gothic horror? She shuddered and listened for what could have woken her.

There it was—a creaking, thumping sound in the hall.

She tried to convince herself it was only the noises of an old house. Goosebumps broke out on her arms as the noise grew louder. There was no way she could sleep until she was sure. Cautiously, Brinnie climbed out of bed and eased open the door, peeking out.

A flash of lightning illuminated the hall. It was gone in a second, but it seared a picture into her mind. She closed the door quickly and leaned against it. A tall, dark figure had been coming down the hall toward her, a black cloak flapping behind him, his boots thumping on the creaking floorboards.

Wraithwoood will be available 15 July 2021