Blog Blast: Lost Acre by Andrew Caldecott

Wynter is here . . .

Geryon Wynter has returned to Rotherweird and has not only taken over the town but is busy destroying the countrysiders’ life too.

Can our small band of heroes find a way to outwit a genius whose master plan is five centuries in the making?

*Potential minor spoilers for Rotherweird and Wyntertide*

The third and final book in the intricate and lyrical Rotherweird Trilogy plunges us right back into the action following the disastrous mayoral election and return of Wynter that we left in Wyntertide. Identities are untangled, alliances are made and Lost Acre yet again seems to be under threat…

Andrew Caldecott’s hidden town of Rotherweird and it’s otherworldly counterpart Lost Acre are just as fascinating as ever. This outing cemented some favourite characters for me among the diverse and sometimes confusing cast of primary players. Namely the headstrong and often prickly Valourhand and the ever put upon Gorhambury.

Lost Acre, like it’s predecessors is a book to be savoured. Try rushing it and you won’t get the full submersive effect of being plunged into the quirky town.

There are some lovely call backs to earlier in the series in this book, the coracle race, Oblongs tower chase, Green Man and the Hammer all recalled, adding to the general feeling of a wrapping up of the story.

If you like your fantasy complex, this is a trilogy for you and Lost Acre rounds the trilogy off in style. If you haven’t read these yet, do start with the wonderful Rotherweird, this is definitely a series to read in order.

With thanks to Jo Fletcher Books and Netgalley for a review copy in exchange for honest review. Lost Acre and the rest of the Rotherweird Trilogy are available now.