There has recently been a lot of discussion around audiobooks and whether they count as ‘proper’ reading or not so this is me throwing my hat into the ring.

Audiobooks are reading. You experience the characters, the story, are exposed to the language and absorbed in the world.

Do I use audiobooks personally – no, not often. Not because I don’t think they’re reading but because they don’t work well for me. My mind wanders off and I suddenly realise I’ve missed the last ten minutes of the story.

Both my husband and my eldest child however love audiobooks. It’s how they read, my husband because he enjoys it more and my eldest as he finds reading difficult, but he loves stories.

Audiobooks are his way in to those magical worlds that authors create. He doesn’t need to rely on someone having time to sit and read to him, he can search the online library catalogue for a book he wants and have it on his iPod for any time he wants to read (listen).

We don’t judge parents for reading to children who are too young to read for themselves, in fact we positively encourage it, so why are we judging adults and older children who prefer to read with their ears rather than their eyes?

However you choose to read your books I hope you enjoy them.