Blog Tour and Book Review: Baby it’s Cold Outside by Emily Bell

Regular reader of this blog will know that this book is a little outside my usual reading material but every now and then I do like to break up my regular SciFi/Fantasy or Crime reading with something else.

This book actually came at exactly the right time for me. With all the stress of moving house I need something a little lighter to read and Baby It’s Cold Outside was exactly that.

I really enjoyed this story. We meet Norah as she learns her mum is ditching their Christmas plans for a hippy retreat leaving Norah on her own.

Instead of moping about it for too long Norah remembers a promise made to an old boyfriend who she had a holiday romance with 10 years previously. If they lost contact (which they have) she and Andrew would meet, New Year’s Eve

Roping in her good friend to go on the crazy, hopeful trip with her we move easily between flashbacks of Norahs time with Andrew and the present day.

Norah was incredibly likeable and you found yourself rooting for her right from the beginning.

The writing was well crafted and easy to sink into but the real triumph were the authors descriptions of places. They never felt overdone but some who evoked a real sense of place and atmosphere.

A beautifully charming book with a solid storyline, this was a tale of hope, romance and what can happen when you finally allow yourself to open your eyes and take a chance at happiness.