Dyslexia Friendly Children’s Books – Barrington Stoke

Image taken from barringtonstoke.co.uk

I wanted to write a post highlighting the brilliance of these books, I have no affliliation with Barrington Stoke, but I want to bring them to more people’s attention.

For those who don’t know Barrington Stoke are an amazing publisher who publish books specifically for children with reading difficulties such as dyslexia.

As a library worker I find that so few parents who’s children would benefit from these books know that they exist.

As a parent with a child undergoing assessment for dyslexia I love them on a personal level as well.

All the books are published on cream paper with wide line spacing and an easy to read font. But what I really adore about them is that they are great stories. They aren’t abridged from other works or dubbed down in any way. They are written specifically for the age group they are aimed at and are age appropriate. Which is amazing.

Trying to get a reluctant reader who is listening to and enjoying books like Harry Potter and Artemis Fowl to be inspired by reading books aimed at younger children is difficult. But the Barrington Stoke books have exciting stories they actually want to read.

I’m so grateful books like this exist.