Book Review and Media Blast: Bleeding Hearts by Ry Herman

Is love stronger than death?

It’s hard to hold down a functioning relationship at the best of times – but it’s harder still when one half of the couple is on the wrong side of dead, and the other’s just discovered they possess powers that are definitely not of natural origin.

To be together at all, Angela and Chloe have had to overcome almost impossible odds, but their final obstacle might be insurmountable.

In the last ten months, they’ve searched high and low for a cure to Angela’s biting problem, and if they don’t find one soon, the chances grow higher and higher that Chloe might die.

Is there a solution, or is the divide between the living and the dead too wide for them to cross?

Jo Fletcher Books offered me the change to be part of a social media blast for Bleeding Hearts and I’m delighted to take part. Bleeding Hearts is the sequel to the enjoyable Love Bites. Picking up a few months after Love Bites we again join Angela and Chloe, Vampire and Witch respectively as they desperately struggle to find a way to let Angela safely feed from Chloe so they can save their relationship. With their self imposed timeline of one year to find a solution looming, its looking less and less likely they will succeed.

I really enjoyed this return to Angela and Chloe. In this book we learn a lot more about the supernatural lore of the world, both Vampire and Werewolf. The Vampire lore was fun to read and I liked the way it was done by skipping back in time to a much older Vampire so we got to learn it rather than just be told.

Chloe gets to grow as a character and a Witch in this book too, while Angela was the main focus for the first book, Chloe got a bigger part of this one. Her sometimes slightly surreal dealings with magic and the underworld added a fun new element to the world building of this Boston.

A nice continuation of the story with a decent chunk of action and a slightly stronger focus on the supernatural elements than the first, while maintaining its charm.

With thanks to Jo Fletcher Books for a copy in exchange for honest review.

Bleeding Hearts is available now.