Book Review: Raising Hell by Bryony Pearce

Meet Ivy Elisabeth Mann – I know what you are thinking, but I’m not half faery, or demon, or angel or anything like that. Mum’s a Body Shop consultant living in a bungalow in Birmingham and Dad enters crosswords. Once upon a time, Ivy and her friends did a very stupid thing and now there’s a rift letting dark matter into the world. Dark matter that manifests as black magic which actually works. Now every teenager with access to the Internet is raising hell. Literally.

Ivy’s doing her best to stem the tide, but her new job working school security barely pays the bills and there’s only so much one girl with a machete (and a cat possessed by her own dead grandmother) can do against the forces of evil.

Now, she’s facing a teenage goth with an attitude, her ruthless but frustratingly handsome brother, a dark cabal with a terrifying agenda and a potential zombie apocalypse. Ivy losing her job might be the best thing to happen to the world …

I stumbled across this book while browsing Netgalley (always a risky pass time for my TBR list) and loved the sound of so decided to take a chance on it despite knowing noting else about it or the author.

I really enjoyed it and hope we see more of these characters in future. The writing was pacy which fitted well with the pressured feel of the story which takes place over a very short period of time with a few flash backs thrown in as we uncover more about why the world is the way it is.

Not for the faint hearted there are some pretty brutal scenes in this novel, we get hell beasts and traditional flesh eating Zombies to contend with among other things.

Ivy was a great protagonist. I liked her ‘get on with it’ attitude and how she didn’t just sit around feeling sorry for herself. She absolutely did complain at times but she did it while still getting stuff done and I loved her for it. She was a true girl power bad ass in a Buffy-esque sort of way, I mean a machete who she’d named is her weapon of choice and she wasn’t afraid to use it.

if you are in the mood for a fast paced urban fantasy then this one is definitely worth checking out.

With thanks to UCLan Publishing and Netgalley for a digital copy in exchange for honest review.

Raising Hell is available 3rd June 2021