Book Review: Campaigns and Companions by Andi Ewington, Rhianna Pratchett, Calum Alexander Watt and Alex de Campi

I received the most amazing box from the fabulous Rebellion Publishing last week. Not only did it include a copy of the much anticipated Campaigns and Companions but also a set of role playing dice (which are gorgeous) a mug (promptly put into service) with an illustration from the book and a pack of sweets.

Box of gorgeousness from Rebellion Publishing (love the branded tissue paper too!)

The book got read immediately and I spent a happy evening smiling my way through it. The book is made up of lots on mini scenarios looking at how pets would react in D&D situations. I don’t think there was a single one that didn’t make me smile and some that made me properly laugh out loud (zombie mouse was one of my favourites). My 9 year old thoroughly enjoyed it as well when he read it the next day.

My furry companion wanted to get in on the action too – her move would be sitting and yowling loudly when you are trying not to wake something up (she’s old and deaf so can’t hear herself anymore)

The illustrations are superb and they deserve as much attention as the words on the page. Everything just comes together to make this a brilliantly fun book.

The timing was excellent for me as well as I’d just started a new Baldur’s Gate campaign after discovering it on Steam – I haven’t played it for years and I’m so pleased to be able to play again.

Highly recommended for anyone who enjoys RPG games or has pets (and especially both).

With thanks to Rebellion Publishing for gifting in exchange for an honest review.

Campaigns and Companions is published 16th September 2021