Christmas Book Shopping!

I like to give my family a book each as part of their Christmas present and I love spending time walking round bookshops looking at all the lovely books and not feeling guilty about spending money on them because they aren’t for me!

Choosing books for other people always feels special. I pass a fair amount of my books on to my Dad when I’m done with them anyway but buying them new just feels different. I feel like getting the right book for someone else is a great way to show that you know them well enough to get it right and were thinking of them while you picked – which IMO is exactly what you want a gift to show.

I’ve spent several happy lunch times so far in bookshops (and I work in a library!) and I’ve got books for both of my children, my husband and my Dad. So it’s Mum and Sister to go then I might move on to husbands side of the family too – although they aren’t all readers so I don’t usually get books for all of them and my MIL who is a big reader only reads e-books now which are almost impossible to gift!

Do you like gifting books?