Review: Seeress of Kell by David Eddings

Now in the final stages of their quest for his son, Garion and his companions travel to Kell to consult the only undamaged copy of the Malloreon Gospels. Should Zandramas the Sorceress reach the final meeting place with Geran, then Garion must slay his son or their world will be no more.

The last of the ‘Garion’ series of books and the fifth instalment of the Mallorean, Seeress of Kell brings us to the ultimate decision between Dark and Light.

Re-reading this I was struck again at the skill that Eddings had to craft a very readable ‘swords and sorcery’ tale.

The Malloreon as a whole pulls on a lot of themes from The Belgariad, the first series we meet Garion and his companions in. Yet instead of feeling old The Malloreon feels like a new adventure with old friends and comforting at the same time.

This fifth book enables some of Garion’s newer companions to have their moment while pulling the story to a satisfactory ending.

On reflection I think this is one of my favourite books in the series, filled with humour, in jokes and character development among the more serious story elements.

I’ve loved spending time in the company of Garion, Polgara, Belgarath and their eccentric collection of travelling companions. I’m sure I will re-visit their world again in the future as well.