Why I will blog about books I DNF

Firstly I want to say that I think we all make our own choices on this and if you blog but don’t want to review books you didn’t enjoy then that is absolutely your choice to make. I’m very aware as well that the author and publishing team will have put a lot of work in and its important to remain constructive (and never tag an author in to a negative review). For me I made an active choice to review ones I DNF – here’s why…

I actually really like reading about why other people didn’t get on with a book. I find it can open my eyes to other aspects of a book and broaden my awareness of things I may not be aware of, even if I disagree with the opinion! I’ve also found books that I loved based on someone else’s DNF review.

My blog is – well mine. I hope that people enjoy reading it and that I get to help boost some wonderful books but ultimately it is my opinion on the books that I read. For me that the means the ‘bad’ is as important to talk about as the ‘good’.

I love conversations about books, and I think we should talk about all aspects of them, we never know which bit of conversation might lead to someone (me included) finding their next favourite book.

Every time I see the discourse around this come up on book Twitter I re-evaluate but I have not yet seen anything to convince me that it’s a bad thing to review a DNF book. We all like different things and we all read in our own way. As long as we are respectful in our discussions and remain constructive I feel DNF reviews have a place.