This week I seem to have fallen down the rabbit hole of Good Omens fanfiction and as a result have read very little else! The way the fandom has expanded is phenominal and I love it!

This then seemed like a good time to write a post about fanfiction. I’ve been reading it for years now, on and off. I often go through fanfiction binges and then I won’t read any for ages before jumping back in again.

In my opinion fanfiction is definity on the plus side of things the internet has given us. I first stumbled upon it in my student days when I was deeply in love with Stargate SG1 which at the time was showing on E4 (before it was it’s own channel, yes I am showing my age!) I was thrilled to find many many stories online written by people who adored the show as much as I did and spent many hours diving the depths of reading them.

I tend to have a few fandoms that I bounce between when I’m reading, some are sadly long gone shows with not a lot of new work but others are still quite active. I’m particularly fond of Torchwood, Stargate, Sherlock, Harry Potter West Wing, Due South and now Good Omens.

I read mostly through Archive of our Own now as I prefer it’s set up to, I find it easier to read on my phone as well.

Like all writing there are of course huge variations in standards, I’ve read some truly amazing works of fanfiction over the years that would easily stand up to the best traditionally published work and some really badly written works that I never got to the end of. The one thing they all have in common is love, love for those characters and that world.

I love that people love their fandoms so much that we can’t let them go, that we want to keep them alive by reading and writing about them. A huge thank you as well to the authors, script writers and owners of the original works who let us play in the world of fanfiction.

Do you enjoy reading fanfiction? What are your favourite fandoms to read in?