Review: World Serpent Arcanist by Shami Stovall

Volke Savan has reunited with the Frith Guild just in time to help fight the Second Ascension, a group of power-hungry dastards bent on controlling the newly created god creatures. The world serpent is the first on their list, and if the Second Ascension manages to harness its power, the world will forever be changed for the worse.

But the Frith Guild has another plan. They intend to beat the Second Ascension to the world serpent and have it bond with someone trustworthy—a mysterious man who Guildmaster Eventide believes will usher the world into an era of peace.

As Volke struggles to improve his magic, and also become a mentor for a new knightmare arcanist, he realizes that this may be one adventure the guild never makes it back from…

World Serpent Arcanist is the fifth book in the Frith Chronicles and a great continuation of the story.

It was nice to see Volke back with the Guild properly in this book although I found that I did miss Fain and Adelgis a bit – they were such a large part of book 4 but only had a small part to play in this one. It was fun to catch up with Zaxis though – he’s always great to read and has come a long way since Knightmare Arcanist.

It was also good to see Evianna develop – both magically and emotionally. I like that she hasn’t just suddenly become OK with everything that happened to her but that she is working though it and opening up to the others a bit more.

This book also confirmed feelings I have had about Atty from early on – I don’t like her very much. I’d always felt there was something a bit ‘off’ about her and this book gave a bit more insight into that. I wonder if she could turn on the guild in future.

There were the high action fight sequences that I have come to expect from this series, that are always well put together and so well balanced you’re never sure who will come out on top.

Without spoilers I will say that there were moments in this book where my heart was in my mouth, and others that made me cry.

I look forward to seeing what comes next for the Frith Guild.