Review: Wuthering Sprites by Alice James published in Indie Bites volume 5 Ghosts and Guilds.

Wuthering Sprites is a short story by Alice James published in the free (in digital format) magazine Indie Bites curated by Josie Jaffrey.

I adore Alice’s debut novel Grave Secrets so I had to give this a read. Its an absolutely adorable short story that packs a lot in. We are treated to ghosts (as you’d expect from the title), dragons, royalty and romance all in the space of 21 pages.

Our unnamed protagonist was a feisty lady of means, drawn back to a dilapidated household on the death of her older brother to find his ghost still hanging about – as is apparently rather common in the world this is set in. There were some delightful descriptions of the different types of ghosts that could manifest as she tries to work out what he needs to move on.

I won’t say too much more as being a short story it would be hard too without giving too much away. I will say however although this worked well as a short story I would absolutely love to read a full novel length version of this one.

If you wish to read it for yourself you can find the download link for the magazine (and previous editions) here Wuthering Heights features in Volume 5 Ghosts and Guilds.