Book to screen adaptations that I’ve enjoyed

There is always something exciting and a bit nerve wracking about seeing characters you’ve loved on the page come to life on screen. Will they be as you imagined them, will you love it or hate it? 

I’ve experienced both, some book to screen adaptations I’ve really enjoyed and others I’ve not.

This post is about some of those that I’ve loved, I may do those I didn’t another time.

With a choice that seems appropriate for today I’m going to start with Game of Thrones. (No spoilers).

This series has been bought to life on screen so well. Yes there are some changes but the books are so huge it couldn’t possibly have all fitted in. Plus it might be the only way we ever get an end to the story, although I still hold out hope for a book end as well.

Next up is How to Train Your Dragon. This is an interesting adaptation because it doesn’t even try to stick to the book plots. There are huge sweeping changes but the feel of the books remains. I’ve enjoyed the films and more importantly by oldest loves both book and film universes as well.

I also loved the film adaptation of Ready Player One. One of my favourite books, I thought the translation onto screen worked really well. It kept the spirit of the book and was fun to watch.

Which adaptations have you particularly enjoyed? What do you think of my choices?