Book Review: Master Arcanist by Shami Stovall

Corruption. Power. The clash of god-arcanists rocks the world.

Volke Savan is tasked with finding the remaining god-creatures and helping them bond with people who will help fight the Second Ascension. Unfortunately, enemies and power-hungry arcanists are out to find the creatures themselves. With the help of the Frith Guild, and those who have sworn to him, Volke intends to face off against the Second Ascension with overwhelming force.

But as more individuals bond with the god-creatures, the worse the magical corruption, the arcane plague, spreads throughout the world. Volke must determine his paths in magic—creation or destruction—and then solve the problem of the plague once and for all, before it destroys everything he cares for.

The first completed read for my Wyrd and Wonder TBR list!

The seventh book in the Frith Chronicals takes us straight back in to the action where Warlord Arcanist left off. With Volke reeling from the revelations that Vethica is missing, Zaxis and Forsyth are plague infected and the Second Ascension (plus something I won’t mention as it feels like too big a spoiler!) had once again escaped the Frith Guild.

This book felt much more back to the pace of the rest of the series after the slightly more disjointed feel that Warlord had. The series somehow feels both like it is now fully engaged in the endgame but also has so much left to come.

I loved seeing Volke develop in this book and become more confident in himself and his magic. The magic system in this series is so fascinating with peoples abilities linked to their bonded eldrin so everyone has different abilities.

The relationship between Fain and Adelgis was nice to see as well, it was finally acknowledged in this book that they are in a relationship and Fain even let Adlegis choose his clothes which was very cute.

I love Shami’s writing and she properly caught me by surprise a couple of times in this book, in fact I was so engrossed I’d somehow missed the fact I was coming up to the end of the book (reading on an e-reader) and actually squeaked when I turned the last page to find out there was no more left!

This story has come so far from Knightmare Arcanist that I’d say you can’t really jump in at this point – but honestly you should start at the beginning anyway – this is such a great series.

I’m so glad Shami writes quickly because I cannot wait for the next book!

Master Arcanist is available now.