My 2022 Reading Goals

I don’t really set myself many reading goals for the year but I do like to do the Goodreads challenge – I’ve set that at 50 again for this year although I’m already behind schedule if I want to meet that! I’m not too worried though, I like doing it to track my reading better and although I’m off to a slow start I know my reading will pick up again soon.

I’ve cancelled my Goldsboro SFF Fellowship subscription as I haven’t managed to read all my books I got from them last year yet (and I’m running out of shelf space) I’m really pleased I was part of it last year though and will definitely look to re-join at some future point.

I want to read more of my unread books from my shelves this year and then either re-home them or decide which ones are worth keeping. My shelf space is getting rather limited now so I have put a limit on myself of only buying 12 physical books this year as I make space (for me, books for the kids are fair game!) kindle books are a different matter….

Mostly though I just want to read some really good books this year!