Series I Still Need to Finish Reading

I think all of us probably have them – the series that you read and enjoyed the first book of but have somehow never found the time to pick up the rest of. I currently have 3 such series where the next book (or several) are published but I just haven’t got round to reading them yet. I really want to continue with all of these at some point, I’ll have to move them up my list a bit…

A Good Girls Guide to Murder Trilogy by Holly Jackson

I loved A Good Girls Guide to Murder it was such a gripping story and well told. Good Girl, bad Blood has been out for a while and As Good as Dead has recently published as well. I really must get round to reading these.

Spellslinger Series by Sebastien De Castell

Spellslinger was great and this series even has a talking animal companion which is one of my all time fantasy trope favourites. I have the second book of the series sitting on my bookshelf I just need to actually get round to picking it up!

Honor Among Thieves Trilogy by Rachel Caine and Ann Aguire

This was such a great book, I loved that it felt like a mix of SciFi and Fantasy – yes there was space travel but the ship was literally a giant living Space Whale. It was a really interesting dynamic that I hadn’t read before and I definitely want to read the other two books in the trilogy.