Review: Southern Spirits by Angie Fox

You know those series that you somehow end up jumping into in the middle of them, but they makes sense anyway so you just carry on? Angie Fox’s Southern Ghost Hunter is one of those for me. I love this series so much, its light, fun, has a good mystery and is just an all round cracking good read.

But up until a couple of days I ago I had never actually read the first book in the series. It didn’t matter, the latter books filled in any relevant point as needed. Finding myself in a gap between books with no idea what I wanted to read next, I thought I’d correct this.

I’m glad I did, it was nice to pick up the full story of how Verity (our ghost hunter) and Frankie (her resident gangster ghost) ended up tied to each other, and watch as Verity gets used to her new connection to the ghostly world.

A perfect cozy mystery to snuggle up with, I thoroughly recommend this series no matter where you jump in.