My top 5 favourite Fantasy Tropes and sub genres #WyrdAndWonder

We all have things that will book a book an instant add to our TBR pile – these are my top 5 fantasy tropes and sub genres that make me sit up and pay attention!

Farm Boy/Hidden Inheritance

I know it seems to be cliché now but I still have a real soft spot for this trope. One of my first forays into ‘proper fantasy’ was The Belgariad by David Eddings and I still love it now. This trope seems to have developed a bit over time into Hidden Inheritance – think Harry Potter instead of Garion who was literally a farm boy. Still however it comes I’m a fan of this one.

Swords and Sorcery

Another one that sits close to my heart, I love this combination so much. Magic and cool sword play/fighting styles, what’s not to like! Sadly this trope doesn’t seem to be as popular at the moment so I don’t find a lot of new ones but I adored Seven Deaths of an Empire by G R Matthews that published a couple of years ago.

Animal Companions

One of my absolute favourites, this puts a book straight on my TBR list with bonus points if the animal companion also talks. I blame Tamora Pierce and her the Immortals series (I wanted Daine’s ability to talk to animals) for my love of this trope!

Magical Libraries

Books and magic! Always a super combination. My favourite (fairly) recent example of this was Sorcery of Thorns by Margaret Rogerson

The Powerful Artefact

This often goes along with Swords and Sorcery but not always. The Lord of the Rings is of course the classic example of this trope. A magical artefact that either belongs to our hero or our hero has to stop falling into evil clutches, often there is a quest involved as well.