Book Series I loved when I was younger

I have always been something of a bookworm, I don’t remember a time when I haven’t had a book (or two) on the go. After stumbling across the Sweet Valley High books in the kindle unlimited store I started thinking about some of the other book series I enjoyed when I was younger.

Sweet Valley High

I read so many of these! Their sunny American lives seemed so far away from mine in the UK. Elizabeth and Jessica seemed so glamerus and grown up. I definitly identified more with sensible Elizabeth while wishing I was a little more outgoing like Jessica.

The Babysitters Club

The books I used to spend my birthday money on and would hunt the library for one I hadn’t read. Not sure I ever did manage all of them though. Kristy was my favourite character in these.

The Mystery Club

Apparently I liked books with clubs! The Mystery Club series is perhaps not as well known as some of the others I’ve mentioned here but I loved them. 3 friends who solved mysteries together and probably have a lot to do with my liking crime fiction now. Belinda was my favourite, with her love for her horse and her set way of wearing one particular set of clothes so much she had drawers full of duplicates.

Adventure Series

Not sure if these ever actually had a series title but Adventure Series seems to sum them up nicely. I spent many hours with Hal and Roger Hunt as they tracked, saved and captured wild animals in a series of high action outings. A bit dated now but they were great fun to read.

It’s interesting looking back at how my reading tastes have developed, I read a lot more fantasy now than anything else and yet as a child I didn’t read a lot of that at all. I still love a good series and the odd crime book though!