Book Haul

So today I made the mistake of visiting a bookshop in my lunch hour. I went in for one book and came out with four.

In my defence only one is actually for me, so the rest don’t really count – right? (Except my bank balance tells me that actually they do)

What did I get and why?

The Priory of the Orange Tree is for me. I’ve been looking forward to it and decided to treat myself the the hardback rather than an e-book purchase (a decision I may regret when I’m carrying it round)

His Dark Materials trilogy. I purchased this for my husband. They’re some of his favourite books and he wants to read them with our oldest. My husband is an Audiobook reader usually and as I’m *whispers* I’m not a fan of the series we didn’t actually have the books.

The Secret Garden is for my Big one. He had listened to the audiobook and loved it so much he asked for his own copy. I finally remembered to pick one up for him.

Not wanting to leave Small out I chose him one the amazing ‘That’s not my’ series. I picked Puppy because he loves dogs. Paw Patrol is his obsession at the moment.

So it’s books all round in my house today!