TBR list

Like most (or probably all!) book lovers I have a TBR list of books that have caught my attention. As I just use whatever is to hand to make a note I have lists spread out over several places. These aren’t books I actually have waiting to be read – although I certainly have those too – but ones I think I’ll want to track down in the future.

One such ‘list’ is kept as pictures on my phone, if I’m at work (library) and see a book I fancy but I don’t have time for right then I’ll take a photo, if I’m in a bookshop – same, if I’m reading other blogs or booksites I’ll often take a screenshot to remind me what caught my attention. The result is that in my phones camera roll between photos of my kids and cat there are random book covers dotted about.

I thought I’d share some of those with you – the pictures are probably a bit wonky, they’re the actual shots from my phone! In no particular order these are the ones I found lurking …

Where do you keep your book lists? Have you read any of my TBR list – would you recommend any of them?