Review: The Silvered Heart by Katherine Clements

1648: Civil war is devastating England. The privileged world of Katherine Ferrers is crumbling under Cromwell’s army and, as an orphaned heiress, she has no choice but to marry for the sake of family.

But as her marriage turns into a prison and her fortune is forfeit, Katherine becomes increasingly desperate. So when she meets a man who shows her a way out, she seizes the chance. It is dangerous and brutal, and she knows if they’re caught, there’s only one way it can end… 

The Silvered Heart takes the legend of the Wicked Lady – a female highwayman as its inspiration.
Our leading lady is Katherine Ferrers and the book takes us through the English Civil War -from Charles 1 going on the run, Cromwell taking charge of the Country and Charles 2 re-taking the throne for the monarchy. 

It was interesting to read about that period in history – particularly from the side of the previously well of Royalists, who then lost everything under Cromwell.

I really felt for Katherine and the sudden jarring changes she had to endure to her circumstances and the way she got stuck into making the best of things – growing her own vegetable and hunting for meat. She wasn’t a weak wailing helpless woman but one who adapted and got on with life.

But having been sold the book as a tale of highway robbery I was a little dissapointed – there is very little robbery actually carried out by Katherine herself. 

She is held up near the start of the book, develops feelings for a highwayman, and yes takes part in a few robberies but usually as ‘bait’ in a pair, rather than being a highwayman in her own right.

All in all I enjoyed the book but felt it didn’t quite live up to its promise.