Finding time to read

The perennial problem for any bookworm – just when can you find the time to read.

I know it’s something I struggle to do sometimes, I work full time, have 2 young children, a cat, all the usual household stuff and a husband that I like to talk to in the evening.

All of that leaves a lot less time for reading than I used to have. Still I manage to fit it in somehow as I’ve always loved reading and feel a bit lost without a book on the go.

I read at lunch time. I’m lucky to have a job where I get a proper lunch break and I make sure i tale it so I can sit and read.

I read while waiting for my youngest to fall asleep (he still likes someone to stay in his room while he drops off). Thanks to the kindle app on my phone this is a great time to catch up on some reading.

I read when I get in bed. I always try to read a few pages once I get in bed. Some night I read more than others but I find it helps me relax before sleep.

I read in the evenings (sometimes). Depending on the day we’ve had or what’s on TV sometimes I’ll read in the evening once we’re settled on the sofa.

I might not get loads of time to read but I try to make the most of what I have – when do you find time to read?