October TBR

My TBR for October is I feel maybe just slightly ambitious for me but I’d like to at least start all of these. I am cheating slightly – Troubled Blood was also part of my September TBR and although I have started it (the day it was published) its such a beast of a book that I’m only half way through! Given it’s size I’ve decided it can almost count as two books so I’ve added it to the TBR again.

So what have I got on the TBR this month…

Troubled Blood by Robert Galbraith

Private Detective Cormoran Strike is visiting his family in Cornwall when he is approached by a woman asking for help finding her mother, Margot Bamborough — who went missing in mysterious circumstances in 1974.

Strike has never tackled a cold case before, let alone one forty years old. But despite the slim chance of success, he is intrigued and takes it on; adding to the long list of cases that he and his partner in the agency, Robin Ellacott, are currently working on. And Robin herself is also juggling a messy divorce and unwanted male attention, as well as battling her own feelings about Strike.

As Strike and Robin investigate Margot’s disappearance, they come up against a fiendishly complex case with leads that include tarot cards, a psychopathic serial killer and witnesses who cannot all be trusted. And they learn that even cases decades old can prove to be deadly . . .

As I said above, I’m currently halfway through this, the fifth instalment of the Cormoran Strike novels and I’m thoroughly enjoying it so far. I am of course aware of the shouting that went on about this book at its publication but I’m happy to say that at half way through there has been no problematic content that I have seen. (Possibility of slight spoilers below)

There is a confusion among witnesses as to whether a person was a man or woman and a possibility that a person of interest may has disguised themselves by wearing a woman’s coat. That’s it. If crime novels can’t have a bit of a question over a potential killers identity or a killer wearing a disguise we may as well give up on the whole genre right now. In my opinion the controversy was more about people looking for something to criticise than the actual content – if this book had another authors name on it no one would have even blinked. Obviously if things change in the latter half of the book I will admit I was wrong but it doesn’t look likely to change at the moment.

Under the Lesser Moon by Shelly Campbell

“Dragons once led our people across the wastelands, away from storms, and toward hunting grounds.”

That’s what the elders say, but Akrist has squinted at empty skies his whole life. The dragons have abandoned them, and it’s Akrist’s fault. He’s cursed. Like every other firstborn son, he has inherited the sins of his ancestors. In his camp, he’s the only eldest boy left. Something happened to the others. Something terrible.

When Akrist befriends Tanar, an eldest boy from another tribe, he discovers the awful truth: they’re being raised as sacrifices to appease the Goddess and win back her dragons. The ritual happens when the dual moons eclipse. Escape is the only option, but Akrist was never taught to hunt or survive the wastelands alone. Time is running out, and he has to do something before the moons touch.

I’m participating in the blog tour for this awesome sounding book at the start of November so its a definite read for my October list. I can’t wait to get stuck into this one, it sounds brilliant and I love a good Dragon book. Thanks to Mythos and Ink for sending me a copy for review.

Southern Bred and Dead by Angie Fox

A haunted church. A ghastly death. Can Verity clear up the case before she’s buried way over her head?

Verity Long would really like a day off. Between uncovering the culprit who capped her gangster ghost housemate and dodging the bomb her boyfriend just dropped on their relationship, her spiritual calling has gotten complicated. But when she steps out for a little fun at a church fundraiser, she has another mystery on her hands when a family friend plunges from the bell tower.

With her pet skunk and a spectral mobster buddy in tow, Verity charges back into the world of furious phantoms. But as she follows a shocking trail of clues through a dangerous speakeasy, a possessed movie theatre, and a spooky mob safehouse, she could end up sleeping with the ghostly fishes.

Can Verity lay everything to rest before a mysterious murderer reads her last rites?

I have a copy of this next instalment of The Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries from Netgalley and I’m delighted to be able to catch up with Verity and her ghostly gangster companion Frankie.

Shadow in the Empire of Light by Jane Routley

Shine’s life is usually dull: an orphan without magic in a family of powerful mages, she’s left to run the family estate with only an eccentric aunt and telepathic cat for company.

But when the family descend on the house for the annual Fertility Festival, Shine is plunged into intrigue; stolen letters, a fugitive spy and family drama mix with an unexpected murdhttps://rebellionpublishing.com/er, and Shine is forced to decide both her loyalties and future…

I’m a sucker for Animal Companions (especially talking ones) so this is ticking my reading boxes already. Thanks to Rebellion Publishing for sending me a copy for review.