Review: Christmas is Murder by Val McDermid

From an irresponsible baron whose body is discovered beneath a silver birch tree, to an author who is haunted by the spiteful presence of a jealous writing partner, the characters McDermid conjures are enigmatic and dangerous, never above suspicion.

Follow Tony Hill and Carol Jordan as they track a deadly killer who is preparing to strike on Christmas Day, and lose yourself in a festive exclusive – a recently unearthed case for a classic detective duo, set as the lights are going out across Europe.

I bought this when it published but held out for Christmas week to read it! I surprised myself with how much I enjoyed this collection of short stories. I knew the writing would be good because McDermid always is but I’m not usually a huge fan of short stories.

You are probably wondering why I chose to buy and read a collection of short stories then? There were two reasons , one that I’ve not read a McDermid book I haven’t enjoyed yet, two (and if I’m honest the main reason) was that this collection also contained a Tony Hill and Carol Jordan short and they are one of my favourite crime fighting duo’s ever.

There wasn’t a bad story in the collection but I particularly enjoyed the aforementioned Hill and Jordan one, the superbly clever Holmes story and the last in the book set in a mining town bingo hall.

The short stories were great as I was able to read each as a ‘chapter’. I think I actually read them faster than a novel as every time I picked it up I wanted to finish the story I was reading.

A Christmas crime treat this was an enjoyable book to read.

Christmas is Murder is available now.