Book Review: Warlord Arcanist by Shami Stovall

As the twelve god-creatures appear in the world, nations brace for a inevitable struggle. Some have allied themselves with the Second Ascension in return for power and protection, but the Frith Guild aims to form a counter alliance.

Volke Savan, along with the other arcanists of the Frith Guild, must not only find a way to end the arcane plague once and for all, but prevent the remaining god-creatures from falling into the hands of their enemies. If the Frith Guild can form an alliance between powerful nations, and defeat the Autarch before he bonds with any god-creatures, perhaps a war can be prevented.

But the dragon arcanists of distant lands have come to challenge Volke and test his worthiness. Despite the ever-mounting pressures, and lack of time, Volke is determined to not only convince the world’s strongest arcanists of his worth, but to also defeat the god-arcanists of the Second Ascension long before the appearance of the dreaded apoch dragon.

This is a series where I am always excited to see news that the next instalment is available. This time we catch up with Volke and the Frith Guild as Volke comes to terms with the events of World Serpent Arcanist.

The feel of this book was slightly different to the others in the series, we didn’t see a huge amount of the Eldrin for a lot of the book, a lot of the time Volke was on his own.

When Terrakona did appear I loved the descriptions of him, and the way his magic worked was very clever, enabling him to move around easily despite his size.

We didn’t get to see a huge amount of the rest of the Frith Guild either which was a shame as they are all great characters too. I suspect this was a deliberate choice though – the whole feel of this book was ‘Volke is now having to make decisions on his own’ and I think this was part of setting him apart.

The threads of the larger plot are starting to pull together nicely now and Shami’s writing is still as gripping as ever. The huge battle sequence was so gripping that I didn’t even realise how long I’d been absorbed in reading until I looked up at the end of the book!

The ending was as always excellently crafted to make me want to read the next one right now! I went through so many emotions reading the last part of the book from elation to devastation, Shami is great conveying emotion in her writing and this didn’t change with Warlord Arcanist.

I greatly look forward to the next outing for Volke and the Frith Guild.

Warlord Arcanist is out now.